Support Oshkosh Corporation’s Headquarters Project

Oshkosh Corporation is searching for the perfect site to construct a brand new corporate headquarters where their 100-year legacy will continue to grow and prosper. A site suitable for a Fortune-500 company that puts people first and continuously gives back to the greater Oshkosh community.

1. Engage in the conversation

“Likes” and “shares” on social media are great, but we need more participation at the local government level. Consider attending upcoming public input meetings to voice your support.

Upcoming Public Input Meetings

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Oshkosh Common Council Meeting
6:00pm at City Hall

Topic: Comments on revised concept plan(s) and possible sale to Oshkosh Corporation for corporate headquarters.

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Oshkosh Common Council Meeting
6:00pm at City Hall

Topic: Proposal and vote on sale to Oshkosh Corporation for corporate headquarters.

2. Contact your City Council members

If the greater Oshkosh community is fortunate enough to have Oshkosh Corporation select a piece of Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course as the desired site of their new corporate headquarters, our City Council members will ultimately be the deciding factor of the future of our community. It’s imperative that we contact our Councilors to show support for retaining Oshkosh Corporation’s headquarters. Encourage your friends, family members and colleagues who are passionate about the future of our community to reach out to their Councilors in support of this project.

Mayor Steve Cummings

  1. 920-410-8545
  2. Email Mayor Cummings

Deb Allison-Aasby

  1. (920) 379-0688
  2. Email Deb

Steve Herman

  1. (920) 379-6068
  2. Email Steve

Jake Krause

  1. (920) 420-7301
  2. Email Jake

Lori Palmeri

  1. (920) 235-1116
  2. Email Lori

Caroline Panske

  1. (360) 927-7613
  2. Email Caroline

Tom Pech

  1. (920) 231-3776
  2. Email Tom

3. Write a letter of support

The community needs to hear from those who support the redevelopment of the golf course. If Oshkosh is unable to retain the headquarters of its largest employer, the economic loss will be impactful and its ripple-effect far-reaching. Consider submitting a letter of support to the local newspapers. Below are previous letters submitted in support of Oshkosh Corporation and the redevelopment of Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course.

Lakeshore site provides what Oshkosh Corp. needs

UWO Chancellor: Oshkosh Corp. is right at home in Oshkosh. Let’s keep it that way.

Sell Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course to secure Oshkosh’s future