Site Selection

Is your business outgrowing its current facility? Are you interested in moving your company to greater Oshkosh? Do you want to learn more about available properties in the area? If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact the team at Greater Oshkosh to learn more about our property search services.


Greater Oshkosh EDC works with real estate professionals in the Oshkosh area to help find suitable properties, whether you are looking for vacant land, commercial, or industrial spaces. We provide a range of site selection services, including confidential property searches, industrial and business park information, and site-specific utility data.

Greater Oshkosh EDC also provides information on incentive programs, access to capital, supply chain and international trade support, and project facilitation to help close deals and satisfy your needs.

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Property Search

Greater Oshkosh EDC responds to private, regional, state, national and Foreign Direct Investment Requests For Information (RFI). Please reach out to us to start your property search or to submit your available property listings at


Locate in Wisconsin

Locate in Wisconsin is a statewide interactive inventory of available property. This online tool serves as a real estate database for business relocation, expansion, and site selection availability. You can view available sites and buildings, download community demographic reports, and gather business intelligence data by clicking the map. 

Industrial and Business Parks

Hundreds of successful businesses in greater Oshkosh are located in one of our many industrial or business parks. Contact our team to learn about available land, pricing and the development process. The City of Oshkosh owns many sites ready for development in redevelopment areas, residential neighborhoods, and Business and Industrial Parks.  To see available City-owned sites and learn more about the development process, go to Develop Oshkosh, or contact our office.

Industrial Parks

Business Parks