Relocation & Expansion 

Greater Oshkosh EDC is committed to helping businesses in the greater Oshkosh area thrive and achieve sustainable growth.

Business Retention & Expansion Program (BRE) 

A Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) visit is a proactive approach to supporting and maintaining the vitality of the local business ecosystem. Greater Oshkosh EDC representatives visit existing businesses in the community, with the goal of gathering information about the business and its needs, and providing assistance where needed. Some potential benefits of a BRE visit may include:

  • Identify solutions or assistance in addressing unique business challenges.
  • Make informed decisions about the future direction of your business; access information about funding sources, training programs, or other resources that can help grow your business.
  • Feel more connected to the greater Oshkosh community and supported in your efforts to succeed. Have your voice heard on local economic development efforts and policy decisions.

 A BRE visit can help to strengthen the local business community and promote the long-term success and growth of individual businesses!


Kathy Griese
Director of Economic Development

Kathy manages our Business Retention & Expansion Program. Reach out to learn more about Greater Oshkosh EDC’s Business Retention & Expansion program. 

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