Transload Terminal

Oshkosh Transload Terminal

The new transload terminal in Oshkosh is a location where goods or products are transferred from truck to rail, or rail to truck. Businesses that currently do not have access to rail are able to utilize the terminal as another affordable option for transporting product.

The 11-acre, $2 million transload terminal was funded by the City of Oshkosh, Watco Companies and a transportation economic assistance grant received from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The terminal is operated by Watco Terminal & Port Services, a division of Watco Companies, and is served by the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad, also a division of Watco Companies. The terminal is the first of its kind in northeast Wisconsin and the first publicly-owned terminal in the state.



  • Two spurs off the main line (operated by Wisconsin and Southern Railroad), each over 1,200 ft long with a ramp at the end

  • A loading area on each side of the spurs allows the terminal to be utilized for various types of commodities needing to be shipped in the region


The new transload terminal gives businesses the opportunity to diversify ways they ship their products. The impact of costs and truck availability related to long-haul trucking can be minimized by utilizing rail transportation. Fewer long-haul trucks on the roads create safer roadways and travel, along with greater and longer lasting infrastructure. Businesses that use water systems to ship now have an easier way to transport goods year-round, as water transportation shuts down in the winter and rail transportation continues to operate.

As the first publicly-owned terminal in the state, the relationship between the operator and government is strong. This is beneficial for businesses when going through the permitting process, applying for variances, receiving approvals and overall support of new projects. Additionally, the terminal will be held to a higher standard of cleanliness and what types of products are allowed on site based on it being publicly-owned.

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