If you are interested in learning more about the programs below, we urge you to reach out to us. Greater Oshkosh EDC can assist you in assembling a customized financial package for your project or development.

Development Incentives

Greater Oshkosh EDC is committed to the sustainable growth of the greater Oshkosh region. There are many types of incentive tools that economic development organizations can utilize. The GOEDC team will work with your executives to identify the best incentive program(s) that fit your needs and provide assistance throughout the application process. 


Downtown Oshkosh Recruitment Fund Grant

The Recruitment Fund Grant offers financial assistance to new business ventures or relocating establishments. The downtown environment has grown over time, and we are happy to support our progress in any way possible. The RFG program awards up to $5,000 to individual businesses to assist with relocation to the Business Improvement District (BID), or fund an expansion project for a business currently located within the BID district.

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Downtown Oshkosh Mural Grant

The Mural Grant Program provides financial assistance for exterior artwork that contributes to the beautification and economic vitality of the Downtown Oshkosh BID district.

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Downtown Oshkosh Beautification Grant

The Beautification Grant program offers exterior improvement assistance to any Downtown Oshkosh property owner located within the Business Improvement District.

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WEDC Diverse Business Development Grant

The program is designed to support capacity building of diverse non-profit organizations and minority, women, disabled, LGBT, and veteran business development through direct assistance to nonprofit organizations as well as providing capacity building of diverse non-profit organizations in Wisconsin. The funding is intended to promote investment and job retention and creation in diverse communities and underserved markets by increasing access to capital and business development training opportunities.

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WEDC Community Development Investment Grant

The Community Development Investment (CDI) Grant Program supports urban, small city, and rural community (re)development efforts by providing financial incentives for shovel-ready projects with an emphasis on, but not limited to, downtown community-driven efforts.

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Restore Main Street Competitive Loan

Subordinate financing for the rehabilitation of second and third-floor rental housing situated over first-floor commercial businesses awarded through a competitive process.

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Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce Revolving Loan Fund

The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce Revolving Loan Fund aims to promote local economic development through the expansion and retention of employment and business opportunities in the Oshkosh area, with an emphasis on the Downtown Oshkosh Business Improvement District.

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Property Assessed Clean Energy Program

The Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program offers property owners low-cost, long-term loans for clean energy improvements. The financing term can extend up to 20 years, resulting in cost savings beyond the original loan. Eligible commercial properties include multifamily, industrial, non-profit, agriculture, and hospitality properties.

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WEDC Industrial Revenue Bond

Industrial Revenue Bonds can be used to stimulate capital investments and job creation by providing private borrowers with access to financing at interest rates that are typically lower than conventional bank loans.

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Tax Credits

Credits and Deductions for Businesses

Credits and deductions for businesses are financial incentives provided by tax authorities to reduce a company’s taxable income or overall tax liability. Credits directly reduce the amount of tax owed, while deductions reduce the taxable income, therefore reducing the amount of tax owed. For personalized advice, we recommend consulting with a tax professional.

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Qualified New Business Venture Program

Wisconsin’s Qualified New Business Venture (QNBV) Program offers incentives for investment in early-stage Wisconsin businesses with the potential for significant economic impact and job growth. This program creates mutually beneficial outcomes for investors, businesses, and Wisconsin’s economy.

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Business Development Tax Credit

The state of Wisconsin provides a Business Development Tax Credit that assists with expansion or relocation. The program supports job creation, capital investment, training, and the location or retention of corporate headquarters by providing companies with refundable tax credits. These tax credits can help reduce a company’s WI state income tax liability or provide a refund. Companies must apply for this credit.

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Enterprise Zone Tax Credits

Wisconsin’s Enterprise Zone Tax Credits are available to assist Wisconsin businesses that have significant expansion projects or are relocating major business operations from other states to Wisconsin. Refundable tax credits can be earned through job creation, job retention, capital investment, employee training and supply chain purchases from Wisconsin vendors.

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Economic Opportunity Zones Tax Credit

Opportunity Zones are federally designated locations with income above the county median, low unemployment rates, high-achieving schools, and a high need for affordable housing. In addition, projects located near services like grocery stores, schools, hospitals and medical clinics, libraries, public parks, job training facilities, continuing education programs, and those that feature on-site resources like in-unit internet access and community room space, have the potential to score extra points.

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