March 17, 2020: Greater Oshkosh Companies Advocate to Congress for COVID-19 Assistance

Greater Oshkosh companies are advocating for state and federal action during this difficult time. Businesses are facing rapidly declining demand while facing job cuts, and workforce layoffs are likely on the horizon. Current legislation requires companies and business owners to provide two (2) weeks of “mandated payroll” and possible extended FMLA benefits. The following suggestions may ease the financial blow on these businesses and allow them to remain open, in effect, preserving more jobs in the local market:

  1. Suspending this year’s tax deadline
  2. Allowing local or state access to SBA disaster lending
  3. Suspending business loan payments
  4. Creating a payroll tax holiday
  5. Removing the one (1) week waiting period for unemployment benefits

Please contact your local representatives to show your support for these actions:

Senator Ron Johnson (920) 230-7250 Oshkosh (202) 224-5323 Washington, D.C Email Johnson

Senator Tammy Baldwin (609) 264-5338 Madison (202) 224-5653 Washington, D.C Email Baldwin

Congressman Mike Gallagher (920) 301-4500 De Pere (202) 225-5665 Washington, D.C. Email Gallagher

Congressman Glen Grothman (920) 907-0624 Fond du Lac (202) 225-2476 Washington, D.C. Email Grothman