Actively working with partners to make sure Oshkosh is a great place to thrive as a business.

Enhancing Quality of Life

We are passionate about showcasing the greater Oshkosh area’s charm and potential to the world through targeted marketing campaigns.

Discover Oshkosh Partnership

This collaborative effort between area partners aims to highlight the community’s unique offerings with the goal of attracting and retaining talent. 

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Oshkosh Aviation Park

GOEDC, Wittman Regional Airport and the City of Oshkosh partners to attract target industry investment opportunities that support sustainable local employment and economic resilience.

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Driving Community Impact

We actively support community planning efforts aimed at revitalizing key areas of the greater Oshkosh community.

Downtown Oshkosh

Downtown is the place to be! Check out development opportunities in Downtown Oshkosh that enhance our public spaces, support the growth of local businesses, and encourage new investments.

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Downtown Oshkosh Development Opportunities

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Sawdust District

New and exciting developments are taking off in Oshkosh’s Sawdust District located on the south shore of the Fox River. The Oshkosh Arena is a catalyst project for this entertainment district and spurring new life in what once was a former industrial corridor.

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Sawdust District Development Projects

  • Oshkosh Arena
  • 5th Ward Brewing Co.
  • Miles Kimball Lofts
  • Mill on Main
  • Pioneer Island

Imagine Oshkosh

Imagine Oshkosh is an updated and expanded policy guide aimed at enhancing Oshkosh’s Center City. It provides a comprehensive investment strategy and long-term vision for development, infrastructure, and growth in the area.

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Imagine Oshkosh Development Projects

  • Opera House Square
  • Oshkosh Riverwalk
  • Leach Amphitheater
  • North Main Streetscaping

Community Project Support

We are committed to fostering economic growth and revitalizing distressed areas by supporting projects that make a meaningful difference in the lives of Oshkosh residents.