Greater Oshkosh EDC was established in 2015 and exists to preserve the health of existing companies, foster a positive entrepreneurial environment, connect companies to workforce and talent development resources, enhance the business climate and promote the quality of life in the greater Oshkosh area.


  • To be the leading economic development organization in the Greater Oshkosh area driving collaboration, existing business development, attraction, and business startups.


  • The Greater Oshkosh area and Winnebago County will build upon its strong economic base of existing industries, diversify the economic base by encouraging new industries, and improve the regional quality of life.



  1. We will be leaders in the community for economic growth and quality of life.


  1. We will serve with efficiency, effectiveness and with an orientation to achieving results.


  1. We will act in open and transparent ways to serve the public’s interests.


  1. We will act in creative and flexible ways to stimulate achievement.


  1. We will continually act as a connector in our community.

Strategic Plan

Greater Oshkosh EDC launched in 2015 as the community’s first true private-public nonprofit economic development corporation with a comprehensive strategy and community-wide investment from broad-based stakeholders. Having now completed an inaugural campaign, Greater Oshkosh EDC seeks to transform the regional business and economic conditions by increasing our region’s overall personal wealth, our business profitability, community investments, and standard of living – measured against other regions.

This will happen by accomplishing a plan of work that is committed to creating an economically vital community, making development processes seamless for business, and maintaining and developing tools and resources to enhance business opportunities for success.

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