International Trade

A Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) remains within the borders of the United States, but is considered to be outside of U.S. Customs territory. FTZs were created to keep U.S. businesses competitive with those operating offshore or overseas. Businesses using FTZs can receive duty exemption on re-exports, duty deferral, and duty elimination on waste, scrap and yield losses. Businesses can also receive benefits such as relief from inverted tariffs and possible tax and licensing savings.

Oshkosh is currently under the Brown County, Wisconsin, FTZ #167. Developed land in this 1,617-acre FTZ include the Southwest Industrial Park, Wittman Regional Airport and the Fox Valley Technical College Spanbauer Campus.

Advantages to your business for being part of the FTZ

  1. Access to two international seaports: Green Bay and Milwaukee
  2. Close proximity to Interstate 41, U.S. Highway 45 and State Highways 21, 26, 44, 76, 91 & 175
  3. Ease of distribution
  4. Increase U.S.-based global competitiveness
  5. Minimize duty
  6. Store foreign or domestic goods
  7. Re-package and manufacture products
  8. Re-export without paying U.S. customs’ duties
  9. Stimulate economic growth

Businesses outside of the designated FTZ can obtain subzone status to receive the same benefits. Subzone companies must meet specific FTZ requirements for storage, handling, processing or manufacturing of merchandise, and it must also make financial sense for the business. Utilizing calculator tools and working closely with the Green Bay Port Authority can help you determine if FTZs or subzones are right for your business. Companies in greater Oshkosh can apply for subzone status of FTZ #167 through the Port of Green Bay:

Brown County Port & Resource Recovery Department
2561 S. Broadway
Green Bay, WI 54304
(920) 492-4953

Greater Oshkosh EDC would be happy to help facilitate communications with the Green Bay Port Authority to help you determine if the benefits outweigh the cost of utilizing the FTZ.

Foreign–Trade Zone Resources

WEDC International Market Access Grant can support up to $25,000 toward international business development costs, including consulting and application fees for establishing an FTZ site at your facility or to utilize a third party solution:

Discover Grant Program