Greater Oshkosh EDC is committed to promoting comprehensive and integrated economic development for the Oshkosh area. With strong and renewed energy, this focused leadership and advocacy supports efforts to expand and diversify the regional economic base.

Our Mission

To provide leadership, direction, coordination, and services to advance economic development in the greater Oshkosh area.

Our Vision

The greater Oshkosh area and Winnebago County will build on its strong economic base of existing enterprises and industries, will diversify the economic base by encouraging new industries, and will further develop businesses that fill gaps and improve the regional quality of life—all aimed at raising the economic well-being of the greater Oshkosh area and County residents.

Our Values

  1. Ethics – We will act in professional ways as stewards of the public’s trust
  2. Responsiveness – We will serve with efficiency, effectiveness and with an orientation to achieving results
  3. Accountability – We will act in open and transparent ways to serve the public’s interests
  4. Innovative – We will act in creative and flexible ways to stimulate achievement
  5. Community – Our community focus will be revealed in how we cooperate and collaborate with others

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